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[Oneshot] Just For Her

TITLE: Just For Her
AUTHOR: marciafan
CHARACTERS: Jenny Shepard, Trent Kort, Jethro Gibbs. Jenny/Kort romance with major hints of Jibbs
GENRE: Angst, Romance, Humor(?)
SUMMARY: “What have I done for her? I jeopardized my operation, my career, Gibbs. Everything just for her.”
WARNINGS: Season 5, post-episode 5.14 "Internal Affairs";. Quite OOC, I'm afraid.
NOTES: I pretty much hate this, and it took me a long long time to finish it. The ending is the only thing that went like I planned, so I hope you like at least those few lines. And as always, feedback (both positive and negative, as long as it's constructive) is very appreciated. Also, English still isn't my mother language and this wasn't beta'd; so bear with me and my mistakes, please.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters, nor am I making money out of this. If I were, I'd be rich by now.

“Agent Gibbs. Director Shepard-” Cynthia rolled her eyes as the silver-haired man stormed past her desk into the Director’s empty office, “-left already.”

“What?” Leroy Jethro Gibbs turned to the young woman with shining eyes, and Cynthia swallowed hard.

“Director Shepard left about two hours ago, Agent Gibbs.”


Despite his sharp tone and the way Gibbs was glaring at her, Cynthia forced herself to stand tall and not let the man intimidate her, “I am not allowed to give you this information, Agent Gibbs. I’m sure you can reach the Director on her cell phone if you really need to talk to her.”

Gritting his teeth, Gibbs gave her a vicious glare and stormed out of the office, quickly walking down into the bullpen to get his coat.

Damn it, Jen.

The one time he wanted to see her at night she left early.


“You want to come inside?”

“Do I get a chance to see what’s underneath that sinful dress of yours?”

Jenny Shepard giggled in the car as her date nuzzled her neck.

“Maybe.” She pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth and opened the car door to get out. In a matter of seconds Trent Kort was standing in front of her, ready to help her out of the car.

“I take it you’re coming in.” Jenny accepted his hand and still held onto it as she started to walk up to her house with him.

“Can I ever say no to you, Jenny?”

“Nope…actually you can’t.” She entwined her fingers with his and turned her face to him, smiling against his lips as he kissed her softly on her driveway.


A familiar voice called from the darkness of her front porch, and Jenny pulled away from the kiss with a start, turning around to find Jethro staring at her.

“Jethro…what are you doing here?” She swallowed hard and let go of Trent’s hand, feeling like a teenager being caught by her father with a boy in her room.

“Waiting for you. Cynthia said you left early. Guess now I know why.” Jethro spared the other man a disgusted look before turning cold eyes on Jenny, who now felt like a wife whose husband caught her cheating.

She tried to ignore his tone and felt Trent take her hand entwine his fingers with hers as she bit her lip, “What do you want, Jethro?”

“Need to talk to you.” Was all the information he was about to give, as he stood tense and rigid on her driveway, staring at her.

Jenny sighed, “Then talk.”

“Not in front of him.”

She felt Trent’s hold on her hand tighten imperceptibly. “If you’re waiting for me to leave, Gibbs, it’s not going to happen.” He said, his voice low, and Jenny heard a faint, feral growl escape Jethro’s throat as his words hung in the air between them.

Memories of her nights with Jethro flashed across her mind, suddenly and unexpectedly mixing with more recent memories of her nights with Trent. Her cheeks turning a deep shade of red as her mind generated the ultimate sexual fantasy.

“Why…” Jenny cleared her throat and stepped between the two men, “Why don’t we all go inside? Let’s not give the neighbours something to gossip about.” She said in what she hoped was a steady voice, desperately wishing the blush had vanished from her face already.

Jethro’s eyes met hers and he gave her a questioning look, and for a moment Jenny cursed the way he always seemed to be able to read her. She felt another wave of heat creep up her neck to her face and was forced to look away, quickly leading the way into her house.

“Are you feeling well, cherie?” Once inside the house, Trent’s hands cupped her face and he looked right into her emerald eyes, concerned to find them misty. “You look flushed.”

Jenny nodded slowly, unable to speak for a second. Her head still spinning with memories and moments she didn’t need to remember right now, if she wanted to try and keep her cool. She never thought having her lover and ex-lover in the same place at the same time would play such great havoc with her mind and her senses.

“I’m fine, Trent…” She whispered after a pause that was just a second too long. She saw his face relax imperceptibly and he brushed his fingers ever so lightly against her cheek. Instinctively Jenny leant forward and placed a small kiss on the corner of his lips, not missing the way Jethro’s body tensed up and his jaw clenched as he witnessed the gesture. “I just need to get some water…” She then said a little louder, turning around to look properly at Gibbs. “Can I trust you guys to behave if I leave the room for five minutes?” She gave them both a warning look and waited for them to nod tightly before she disappeared into the kitchen.


The silence in the hall stretched for a few seconds while the two men tried to stare each other down with little success.

“So you covered for her ‘cause you’re sleeping with her.” Jethro was the first to speak, his eyes still fixed on Kort, glaring viciously at him. He couldn’t believe it. The one man he himself had trusted to save Jenny’s career had taken her away from him. And now he didn’t know whether to be pissed at Jen for falling for Kort’s charming lies, or to be pissed at himself for allowing it to happen and not being able to see the signs.

“I’m dating her.” Trent corrected him icily, his grey eyes fixed on Gibbs’ blue orbs.

Jethro smirked and nodded, “I see…so you’re the one she drags around to dinner parties and crap like that.”

His provocation faded into the silence as Kort didn’t react to it. It was a trick question and he knew it, so instead of answering he just gave Gibbs his best impression of a bored look, “What’s your problem, Gibbs? Are you jealous?” He saw his rival’s body language change and he knew by the look on Gibbs’ face that he touched a raw nerve. “Yeah, Jenny told me about her…history with you.”


Alone in the comforting darkness of her kitchen, Jenny leant heavily against the counter, taking a deep breath.

The situation she had found herself in was uneasy to say the least. She ran a hand across her face and wondered for a fleeting moment if Jethro had had the same kind of thoughts when he found himself in the same room with his girlfriend, his ex-wife and his ex-lover at the same time. But maybe it was just her and she was going insane.

Sighing heavily, she walked over to the fridge and poured herself a glass of water, quickly downing it. She needed to calm down, get rid of the images that still filled her mind and go back out there before Jethro decided to rip Trent a new one.

Or vice versa.


“You don’t know anything about her, Kort.”

“And you think you do?”

“I know I do.” Jethro gritted his teeth and glared at the man in front of him. The urge to stake a claim to Jenny was strong, and for a moment he felt like a wild animal that needed to fight to defend his territory. Only, Jenny wasn’t his territory anymore.

Trent shook his head and gave him a patronizing smirk, “I think you should let go, Gibbs. If she wished to be with you she would have tried to get you back, wouldn’t she?”

Inwardly, Jethro groaned. She had. She had offered herself to him one more time, only a few weeks before, and what had he done? He had said no. Plain and simple. So what right did he have now to act like she was his still?

“Jenny is a smart woman, Gibbs. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it. And since she’s dating me, it’s clear it’s not you that she wants.”

Jethro turned a ferocious glare upon Kort, desperately wishing he could punch that smirk off his face, but instead he kept silent and motionless. His eyes doing all the talking.

Then, out of the blue, he spoke out loud.


The water cooled her down and the darkness helped her to get rid of her thoughts, and when Jenny decided to finally get out of the quiet kitchen, she was pretty sure the blush had faded from her cheeks and she would have been able to face the men in her house without feeling like a hormonal teenager.

In the familiar darkness she reached the kitchen entrance, but before she set her foot out of the room, Jethro’s angry voice caused her to stop and listen to the conversation.

“If I hadn’t called you, you would have let the FBI eat Jen alive and destroy her career. What would have you ever done for her, if I didn’t ask your help?”

She didn’t really mean to eavesdrop, that wasn’t her style. But she was sure Jethro nor Trent would ever have a conversation like that in front of her. Something about their male pride, she figured.
Rolling her eyes, Jenny leaned against the doorframe, hiding in the shadows. She knew Jethro had been the one to contact the CIA agent when she had been under investigation, Trent told her. So why make a big deal out of it now?

“What have I done for her? I jeopardized my operation, my career, Gibbs. Everything just for her.”

Jenny frowned at the enigmatic answer and at the raw fury in Trent’s voice. The heavy silence in the next room let her know that Jethro’s face was most certainly mirroring hers.


The confused, questioning look on Gibbs’ face caused Trent Kort to smirk as he stepped closer to the man, his voice dropping down a notch.

“I killed La Grenouille for her.”

And as his sexy, deeply accented drawl cut through her, Jenny suddenly stopped breathing.


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